8  Using the Challenge in Classes

The NEON Ecological Forecasting Challenge is a powerful resource to use in teaching. We encourage courses to have student submit to the challenge as projects in traditional courses or training workshops.

If you are interested in using the Challenge in a class or workshop, we welcome you to reach out to us at eco4cast.initiative@gmail.com

NEON wrote a blog post about using the Challenge in courses here

Based the experiences of 7+ courses using the Challenge, we have an evolving set of best practices

If you want to access students scored forecasts, the following R function in the neon4cast package can be used (where the argument is the theme name):

score_df <- neon4cast::combined_scores(theme = "phenology")

class_model_ids <- #set of team names for students in class
score_df <- score_df |> filter(model_id %in% class_model_ids)